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- Life Expectancy: 700-2300

Homeland: Quellyr
Average Height: 4'7"- 5'7"
Average Weight:90 lbs- 150 lbs
Preferred Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil
Preferred Weapons: Swords, Dagger, Whip, Poison
Aggression Level: High
Intelligence Level: High
Magic Rating: High
Strength Rating: Moderate
Weak Against: Psychological Attack, Light magic
Strong Against: Poison, Dark magic
Related Races: Elf
Allied Races: None
Enemy Races: Elf, Dwarf



Accustomed to living beneath the ground, the drow are a rather peculiar breed of elves. Perhaps due to the lack of nutrients from the sunlight, their growth appears somewhat stunted, with the tallest drow of equal height to the average human. Their build tends to be lithe and athletic, rather than muscular. Because of this and the fact that the drow are highly intelligent, many excel with magic or stealth. Of course, this does not mean that drow warriors do not exist. In fact, House Kilndar plays host to some of the strongest drow warriors to have ever set foot in Quellyr.


Drow are a cold, calculating, and cruel race of creatures. They will often turn their backs on their closest friends and relatives if there is something to gain. Because of this, procreation of their race is rarely out of love. Strength and power, along with the will to dominate, is the mindset of every drow, men, women, and children alike. Whether it is adult or child, the weak are culled from the herd for the better of society.


Despite their patron deity, the drow society is matriarchal. The city is ruled by three houses, all of which have proved time and time again to be the strongest of Quellyr's families - albeit that term is used loosely. If a house of lesser standing succeeds in killing the matron of the house before it, then that house will lose its rank while the dominating house takes its place.


Ruling Houses:

  • House Rilynviir
    • Matron: Umraestra Rilynviir
    • Position: First House of Quellyr
    • Deity: Svast
  • House Eilsar
    • Matron: Xaraine Eilsar
    • Position: Second House of Quellyr
    • Deity: Svast
  • House Kilndar
    • Matron: Anilande Kilndar
    • Position: Third House of Quellyr
    • Deity: Yseryl

Lesser Houses:

  • House Luthwilt
    • Matron: Beletira Luthwilt
    • Position: Fourth House of Quellyr
    • Deity: None


The patron deity of the drow is Svast, and thus it is in his honor that the temple in Quellyr was built. However, not all drow seek favor with the God of Deception. Some drow, more notably from houses of lesser standing (excluding House Kilndar), choose to take up other followings.