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Name: Embre
Race: Immortal
Chosen Race Lycan
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Eye Color: Pale Green
Skin Color: Fair
Class: Manifestation of Chaos
Clan: The Pack
Alignment: Chaotic
Origin: A creation of Uniithren
Home: The Tenebrarum Forest


Embre is the Immortal of Chaos. On the rare occasion that the Immortal is seen, she appears as a shorter, slender woman. Auburn hair, smooth and thick in texture, flows in waves past her shoulders and it more often than not left to fall and flow where it will. Often times the Immortal- when seen on the lands outside her forest- appears in the form of a large Dire-wolf. Fur white as new fallen snow adds to the uniqueness of the beast that holds a sentient-ness even as she runs blindly with the wild wolves.


As with the forests found within the plane she calls home, Embre can hold many traits. In one moment she can be smiles, laughter and kindness, and the next she can be cold, fierce and animalistic. One of her most well-known traits is her honesty. Though she isn't obligated to tell the truth if asked a question, she seems to prefer to look at, and answer things as if her words couldn’t- or shouldn't- be offensive.


Embre rules from her home: a castle deep in the heart of the mountains. Currently it is unknown how to find said castle- the only bridge having been destroyed long ago.


There isn't much known about how the Immortal came to be. Rumors have long been spread, tall tales offered to curious children and the new huntsmen on the eve of their first hunt in the dark forests. Her reason, her true purpose has, thus far, never been documented in any history books and remains- like the woman herself- much a mystery.

Known Stories/Myths

Each race and area has their own versions of lore. Some of the more famous ones are listed below:




Ft. Onstyr

Sunter Plains